Spring Midterm Project, ELL 19 B PBL: “Idioms in Our Everyday Life”

March 15, 2021

February 11 – March 4, 2021

On the 4th of March, 2021, ELL 19 B (Grammar IV, Instructor: Shurubu Karimova) successfully completed their short time PBL: “Idioms in Our Everyday Life”. It took them three weeks to work on it. This time students worked in small groups (three students in each group). The topics offered were: Color Idioms, Clothes Idioms, Health Idioms, Food Idioms, Money Idioms, Head Idioms, and Dog Idioms.

Each group had to research own category of idioms, understand their original usage, and give example of everyday usage. They had to choose from 10 to 15 idioms on the topic, learn their meanings, analyze their usage, and create their presentations. 

The purpose of PBL was to develop certain competencies and skills during the project. They are the ability to put goals to achieve, do the research, analyze the materials, think critically, draw the conclusion, speak in public, respect other people’s opinion, be flexible and tolerant during the learning process.

The learning outcome of the project was:

  • To enable students to meet their academic and professional goals;
  • To focus students on the goals of their project;
  • To engage students with the topic and provide a critical thinking framework for the project;
  • To give exposure to academic content;
  • To help students achieve language proficiency;
  • To focus students on the words they need to know academically and professionally;
  • To assess their own progress;
  • To relate materials to authentic ones, etc.


  • Each group created different interesting presentations;
  • All idioms were illustrated and explained creatively;
  • Groups organized feedback using Kahoot, questionnaires, and QAs. Etc.